Birkhoff's Blog

Thoughts and technonogies.

I’m Birkhoff Lee, a typical Taiwanese student who currently (as of Nov ‘18) lives in Jiangsu, China.

I love tech. I’ve been learning programming since the age of 7. I especially love those cutting-edge stuff. I mainly focus on Site Reliability Engineering and full stack web development. I haven’t made any big open-source projects, but I reckon some day I would. In fact I love open-source, I’ve been putting efforts in sharing the open-source spirits to the world, and actually helping the community write some documents, or committing some codes. You can check out my GitHub, if you would.

I also love gaming. A lot. I mainly play online first person shooter games, for instance Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. My highest rank ever in R6S is Platinum III and LEM in CS:GO. I only play rhythm games on mobile devices, especially Cytus II, a very popular musical game worldwide made in Taiwan.

I’ve been writing this blog since about the age of 12, but had lost the data multiple times in the past. I first used WordPress, then jumped to Ghost, and finally we’re here with Hexo. I love Markdown, it’s a simple but powerful markup language that makes writing more fun and easy. In fact I actually considered going back to WordPress before migrating to Hexo, but Hexo is Markdown-native, so yeah, Hexo.

I’m not writing the blog for exposure or profit. I write down my thoughts or take notes of what I found and share them to the world. I used to put Google Adsense ads on the website, even crytocurrency miners, but I removed them. Ironically, I put ads for years and had no more than $10 USD in total, but putting a Monero miner for less than a month gives me ~0.08089 XMR ($8.7 USD as of Nov ‘18).

As long as I breathe, I continue to learn and share my knowledge to this world.