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Switch Ubuntu Linux kernel on OVH Dedicated Gaming Servers

I've been recently working on multiple large-scale Minecraft servers. We use dedicated gaming servers from OVH and it's so far so good, expect some small issues. First, I needed to disable IPv6. It have been causing issues with »

Changing default gateway in Unifi Security Gateway (USG)

I’ve recently replaced my home network hardware with the Unifi family, and I’ve been satisified about them. I live in China, and I have a Linux box that runs transparent proxy. I need to change the »

Setting up a WireGuard server on OpenWRT

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to connect back to your home network to access some internal resources. I’ll share how I set up a WireGuard server on OpenWRT. First install some WireGuard packages. $ opkg »

Running Clash on OpenWrt as a transparent proxy

I will revamp this post soon as Clash is going to have major changes. As you would have been aware of that I live in China where internet is under strict censorship. I’ve been discovering ways to »

Change GRUB timeout in OpenWrt to speed up boot process

Recently I’m playing with my OpenWrt router on a PVE machine, and I noticed that there’s a 5 second timeout in the boot procedure. It’s important to have a router boot up fast. So I »