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Switch Ubuntu Linux kernel on OVH Dedicated Gaming Servers

I've been recently working on multiple large-scale Minecraft servers. We use dedicated gaming servers from OVH and it's so far so good, expect some small issues. First, I needed to disable IPv6. It have been causing issues with »

Using Backblaze B2 and Cloudflare Workers for free image hosting

https://blog.jross.me/free-personal-image-hosting-with-backblaze-b2-and-cloudflare-workers/ Uses ShareX to upload images to free Blackblaze B2 space, proxies the requests thru Cloudflare CDN, while utilizing Cloudflare Workers to remove the unwanted components in the HTTP responses. Thought it would be »

Changing default gateway in Unifi Security Gateway (USG)

I’ve recently replaced my home network hardware with the Unifi family, and I’ve been satisified about them. I live in China, and I have a Linux box that runs transparent proxy. I need to change the »

Solution to Battlefield V keeping crashing on Win10

Today I wanted to play BFV and upon launching it just crashes without any error message. My environment: i7-7700k, overclocked to 4.8 GHz2 * 8 GiB 3200 MHz RAMNVIDIA RTX 2080 overclocked240 Hz monitorDX12, DXR on, FFR offI »

Redirect domains to specific URLs with Traefik v2

Rewritten on Jan 7, 2020. This enables Traefik to redirect for example, foo.birkhoff.me to https://www.google.com. The TLS section is required for a full HTTPS setup. The below is a dynamic configuration, refer to »