This post is specifically for Chinese readers, but it still can be useful if you have latency issues with your ISP.

First, Netease UU is a software that uses LSP to redirect online games' network traffic through IPLC in order to reduce latency and increase stability for Chinese users. However, Discord is often used with online video games for communication between teammates, and Chinese government just recently banned Discord, therefore it's impossible that Netease UU will ever support Discord.

So that Chinese government banned Discord, how are we supposed to use it? Well, using Shadowsocks. I won't cover where to buy the relevant services here, you have to prepare them on your own. You don't necessarily have to use an IPLC server, but that would be even better in voice chat.

Once you've prepared a Shadowsocks server, meet Netch. Netch is a driver-level networking hook helper that hijacks specific program's traffic using Netfilter2 SDK. Keep in mind that only the Netch GUI part is open-sourced, while the networking stack is close-sourced. Since it works on the driver-level, it won't conflict with Netease UU. It's meant to be used with Shadowsocks (or any SOCKS5 server). Download the latest release and extract it. Upon first launch, Netch will automatically install the driver to your system, and you're ready to go. Import your Shadowsocks server, and select Discord in the mode, and done!

By the way, you can even throw away Netease UU if you want to save money, but only if you have an IPLC server. It can also be used for online games like Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six and more.